I felt very vulnerable, sharing my new era of artworks and talking about my journey for the first time, but what an incredible night! Check out some of the highlights in the video above and head to my insta to watch the full version with sound.  
Interviewed and hosted by the amazing Kai at My Soho Times, in London's newest art bar Canwood55.
Thank-you from the bottom of my heart, so many of you came out to support, even my grandma, who suffers terrible arthritis, bless her, she got on the train with her walking stick, I love you grandma! 
We laughed, had a few too many cocktails arranged by Kai, compliments from St Germain, the positive vibes where undeniable. It melted my heart to see people interact with their reflection in my sculptural mirrors.
A surreal night, it was my honor to share my journey and inspiration thanks to the great Andy O n  for making this happen...I hope this is the first of many great events to come.

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