Meet Leah-Dior

I always knew since I was old enough to hold a pencil that I wanted to be an artist and even at a young age I had an intrinsic obsession with light and its power to transform.

Qualified in fine art and imaging science, I specialised in the wave nature of light. My new works are a triumphant marriage of science, art and light.

I'm a Mum to three girls, Stepmum to two and wife to one and I'm forever grateful they value my goals enough to put up with me spending so much time in the studio.

The true emotion behind the art

Shortly after the birth of our youngest in 2017 I suffered series of unfortunate events in which we lost everything including our family home. With nothing left to lose I faced the crossroads and made the bold decision to make rock bottom the solid foundation in which to rebuild my life. This is what brought me into my new era of art.

My recent works are creations born out of years of experimentation with colour, chemicals and light. I fell in love with the properties of mirror & wood.

This new art journey is a representation of the courageous path in which I pieced my life back together again.

The pivotal moment was the realisation that during the chaos, being lost and in love with the process of creating this new collection brought me peace. That peace is what I want to convey.

Purpose & Meaning

My soul mission is to inspire strength, bring the purity of light, intrigue and life into your space, whilst commanding an ambiance of calm within the intensity of life through the continuity of clean lines and mirror-encrusted geometric compositions.