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Hi, welcome to my first blog, it's been on my list of 'to do's' forever
I have no idea how to write one, I'm finding it scary, wondering if anyone even going to read this thing, but doing scary means i'm growing...so roll on the blogging.
So who is this Leah Dior you may be asking?
Well I'm a full time London based artist, wife, mum to three girlies, proud step mom to two, qualified in imaging science and fine art, specialized in the wave nature of light.
I've been creating and selling my art on social media globally for the last 9 years, and doing really well might I add, but this is a new era of artworks and I'm sooo excited to finally show my new creations to the world!
But before I made it to this point, I FAILED ON AN EPIC SCALE, to cut out the intense depressing bits, a few years ago whilst living in Costa Rica, my designs where stolen, website replicated globally and my prices severely undercut resulting in a massive drop in orders, with whooping overheads and staff to pay. I literally lost everything, and I mean everything...we returned to the London, homeless and deep in the red.
So there I was at the crossroads, should I continue to fight back for my family business, sue these mofoe's for copyright or change direction? I choose the latter and decided to make rock bottom the solid foundation in which to rebuild my business and our lives. I reskilled, changed mediums and spent years trying to master my new craft, dedicating every available moment towards perpetuating myself forward to fulfil my ultimate vision of a collection made of light and reflection.
Yessss....four years later, I finally done it, and I'm so glad you are here share this moment with me.
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